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Friday, June 16, 2006

Got a new Job

Well after a year and a half at my job I was strategically relocated within the command for the better. Anyways I am back down at the base precinct and doing what I am best at, helping people. I am working an early shift and still haven't adjusted yet to the hours and has had me worn out so I havent been on here since. I did on another note get my first winnings check in the mail yesterday and was happy about it. I had to show it to a few people and my buddy dave. I have been waiting several weeks though for my check from Titan Poker with no success. If anyone has any other ways to contact them other than the phone # listed on their site and the email addresses please let me know. They arent respondng to those for me.

I am looking forward to Father's Day sunday, seeing how I have a good start to my own basketball team, well if I play I would have a team, it will be fun. I will get back on after I win some poker this weekend and enjoy my day with the family.

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there.


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