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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Poker Tourney

Well, It was a great night. WOW. I took a chance and entered the bloggers tourney at Titan poker and there was a total of 47 bloggers entered in it. The top 15 got paid. I managed to go up and down the first hour a few chips at a time went into the break with around 2400. Not too bad, but still wasn't home free. After that it was on. I was playing good hands in late position and they were paying off. After I made the money, 15th was $25 dollars and it was a free tourney so I was stoked, I played a litttle looser. I finally made it to the final table. Not sitting pretty at all. Almost the short stack at the table but after a few good calls and a few leaving quick it was looking pretty good. After there was just five of us left i knew I was going to finish alot better than I started. It was down to just three of us left, Theaudition and tripjaax. WOW very good players. We did a few of the chip trades and it was me and trips head to head in a hand. Very good game Trips, luck of the flop and it was just me and theaudition left. After sitting there with probably five times the chip stack as them I lost and then lost again doubling them up each time. Now they were the chip leader and i was short again not by much though. And I was all in, couldn't even tell ya what I had that hand I was so tired and I was the chip leader again, by alot now. I kept the pressure on, few good hands, a few more bluffs, got them all in and finally won. Yeah first tourney win on a freeroll and I bank $250 like that. Awesome players and very good games by all. I hope to play with ya'll again soon. Ok I gotta go 5am comes early, see ya'll next post.


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