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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New guy

I have just started so this will probably not be the best yet... I had to vent about my bad beat last night at the tables. I was in early position with 8's and did some fishing so i raised it 8x the blind had two callers. The flop came 83J rainbow and I bet half the pot. 1 fold and a call. I had put the other guy on AJ or a high pair. The turn was a 3 so i had made my boat and was set, wanting to get as much money from this guy as I could and bait him into thinking I missed and was trying to bluff at first I checked. Well he took it and bet half the pot and I called. the river was a 7 so I was in there. and I bet the pot and he reraised me, I immediately went all in which he could not cover but called anyways. I turned over my fullhouse and sure enough was already counting my money when he turned over his pocket jacks and crushed me. It stung for quite awhile but he had the better hand and there was only 2 out there that could have beat me so another learning lesson for me. Anyways I hope this does get better cause my bankroll is looking bad lol. See ya'll next time.


At 10:10 AM, Blogger presidentdavelee said...

You sir, are a tool. No, seriously, good luck with the blog :)


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