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Friday, April 21, 2006

Back from vacation and Back in the money!

I got back from Vacation and had some bad news. Apparently when I had set up my firepay account i had given them my old account number instead of the the new one and as luck would have it, I got charged a return fee. Had to laugh though it was my fault. I must be getting old. What can you do right? Oh well I just played more poker. I was at pokerpasia.com last night and got in the $50 freeroll at 8:02. There were 42 people in it and the top ten places got money, $15,10,8,6,4,,3,2,1,1,1. I started off playing tight and only in POSITION. I cannot stress that enough as it seems to be my winning factor these days. I will fold everything from pocket Jacks down if I am not in position. It seems to be working for me so I am going to keep doing it. Yeah i cringe every once in awhile when I see those flops where I would have hit a straight or even flopped a fullhouse but thats the breaks. I am going to keep playing smart poker for now. I got a few good hands early on and set my table presence early then when I did raise preflop or was in a hand they knew I was holding something. I never got moved throughout the tourney until I was sat down at the final table. I was about 4k behind the chip leader at that point with about 8,000 chips. After a few ups and downs I was setting pretty with 19k in chips. I took a beating and got knocked back down to 11k when I had AJ on the button and the BB called my raise. The flop came J4Q and I bet to let him know I had made my cards, and they called. The turn was another Q and they reraised me, I folded they mucked then they were running there mouth about did I have it or didnt I. I knew then that they were a big bluffer and just sat and waited. It was down to three of us and then I took out short_stacks to put us H2H. I had A4 and limped in, the flop was2 spades 7, 10 and a 4 of hearts. I checked, they bet, I called. Turn was an A of diamonds. I checked, they bet I raised, they went all in, I had them covered by about 900 chips and I figured at this point they were waiting on a flush draw from the way they had been playing so I called and I was right. The river no help to em and it was over. I was $15 richer. My account there now has a whopping $21 in it and it has cost me nothing to risk. Check it out the tournaments are free to enter and pay real money. See ya next time.


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