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Friday, June 16, 2006

Got a new Job

Well after a year and a half at my job I was strategically relocated within the command for the better. Anyways I am back down at the base precinct and doing what I am best at, helping people. I am working an early shift and still haven't adjusted yet to the hours and has had me worn out so I havent been on here since. I did on another note get my first winnings check in the mail yesterday and was happy about it. I had to show it to a few people and my buddy dave. I have been waiting several weeks though for my check from Titan Poker with no success. If anyone has any other ways to contact them other than the phone # listed on their site and the email addresses please let me know. They arent respondng to those for me.

I am looking forward to Father's Day sunday, seeing how I have a good start to my own basketball team, well if I play I would have a team, it will be fun. I will get back on after I win some poker this weekend and enjoy my day with the family.

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Great hand for me

I was at APP last night and was waiting for the freeroll to begin, which I got out off way to early due to getting trolled out on, and decided to sit down at the $1/2 no limit table. I sat down with $200 and patiently waited. I won a few hands lost a few and was at 187 dollars when I get dealt 55in the big blind. UTG ($52)min raised it and it was called all the way around. I called and the flop was 3K5 all rainbow to. I bet 2 then it was raised to 4,fold, fold, fold, call ($24). I reraise to $6 and without hesitating they go all in, next guy calls. UTG turns over AA and the other guy turns over KJ. The turn was a 3 and river a 7. Cha CHING. I am up to $278 and I hung around for a few more hands, ended up leaving with a $69 profit for about twenty minutes worth of playing. Other than than I busted out of both my freerolls and went to bed early. I am in the tourney tonight at Pokerstars the WWDN and it starts at 8:30pm est. Come on out for a great time with a good bunch of folks. If you want more info on this see the link to the right biggestron and click on poker calendar. See ya'll tonight at the tables.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

I am a member of a few completely free poker sites which I highly recomend if you are just starting out or would like to compete for some great prizes, Cash, WSOP buyins, Cash, etc. These sites are: www.espn.com poker club, www.pokerpasia.com, www.nlop.com, www.adultpokerparty.com. These sites offer everything you can think of poker wise and you really have to be on your game at times and others you basically just need to be there to win lol. I was at NLOP in the spring champioship that I qualified for today and out of 200 plus entrants, I just could not get the cards to match and was finally taken out at 95th or something. Anyways, the top 30 got prizes and 1st was a $10,000 buyin at WSOP. top ten got poker chips and the rest got shirts and merchandise. Ya'll if ya want to play for free and put in some hours thats it no money all these sites are free. I am making this short and will talk to ya'll soon, but if there are mother's out there reading this so called blog, Happy Mothers Day to each and everyone of you. I am a fifteen year veteran of the us navy and my mom has supported me every step of the way. Moms are great and face it without them we just wouldn't be here so my hats off to all of ya'll out there today and hope you have a great day. Babe if your reading this your still my hero.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Won another freeroll

Well it's been a few days since my last update and I was just taking a few days to recover from this dang surgery. UGH... Man this crap hurts but in the long run it will be worth it. First of all I would like to say to mookie that good on ya for calling me with that AQ when I had A8off. I tried pulling a fast one and it went, fast to lol. Congrats to all ya'll that played tuesday in the WW. I have been takin several beatings lately at the tables in freerolls getting out done each time by having the nuts playing them like the nuts and getting donked out on on several sites by you guessed it DONKIES are in force everywhere. I just recently sent in my renewal to heston at the NRA to get my 2006 spring hunting troll license by the way it comes with no daily bag limits because I acted within the first thirty seconds on the second wednesday of the fifth week this month. So I will be shooting them suckers ASAP.
I entered into a freeroll in adult poker party tonight and just finished with to great hands when I got to the final table with just over 300 in chips more than the second guy at 9,300 when it was raised preflop and i was in the BB. I had 66 and a minimum raise and sure enough 6 callers. The flop came 464 and I saw the money signs rolling. I checked, it was bet then raised then fold fold to me where I called. the turn was 9 and i checked. It was bet raised to me where I reraised, then I was reraised , then a fold so I was heads up and I reraised it they called. River was 7 and I went all in they thought about it and called with their A4 and then they left putting me at 19K and the dominating chip leader. At this point I had more than all the rest combined. Fast forward to the last hand blinds were 200/400 and I was dealt 62 off and still at 24K The other guy min raises and I call. The flop was 6d2c2d. I check they bet 500. I smooth call. the turn was 5 of diamonds and I checked, the bet 1100. I decided to raise to 2200 and they called. the river was a 4 and I bet 3000, they reraise me all in and before I called I typed in good game and they responded with "flush?" I said nope and called. Showed them the boat and they showe K7 of diamonds and it was done. Mind you it was only a $50 dollar freeroll and first paid $19.00 but it was still a win and I am going to count it as such. I am getting ready for another one here in an hour and then tommorrow at espn I have my sunday qualifier to a final tournament that has a WSOP seat also. And no I am not saying that those two hands by any means are what you should be playing but if they want to make minimum raises to the chip leader at the table then we all know that minimum raises make baby Jesus cry. See ya soon.

Monday, May 08, 2006

WSOP qualifier tourney-missed again

I have been playing at the national league of poker site off and on and qualified earlier in the week for the weekly championship tourney on this past sunday. The first place prize being a WSOP $1500 buy in and 2-10 being $100 each. I registered and patiently waited for the war to began. Out of a starting field of 413 and only starting with 750 chips it was on. The play was slow and the cards were few and far between and managed to get up to the first break with 1600 chips and wasn't sitting to bad. Round 2 came and left with me hovering just under 3k with the blinds starting to get dangerous. I had stolen a few blinds and lost a few when I got dealt AA utg with my chip stack just under 5k and the blinds were 1000/2000. I wanted max people in the pot and min raised it hoping to get a good size pot for my rockets. One caller with Q10 off. The flop came 10 4 k and I was all in, They called and made their set on the river. Oh well I was happy with the way I played and even though I didn't make the money, My 38th finish did qualify me for the spring championship for another chance. I Will eventually get there and get that seat. I will see ya'll soon and beware of the trolls they are out in force.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Surgery recooperation and some poker therapy

Well I had a somewhat not to bad day seeing how I have a mouth full of stitches and a day off of work. I still got up at O dark thirty even though my alarm wasn't set, figures military life. Anyways I decided to work on my bonus from Absolute Poker. I ended the day with that site up $21.63 and 71 points towards my bonus so I am happy. I did make a pit stop over at titan and got in two of there tourneys. The first one was $6 total to entered and finished third so I made $4 bucks. The second was a 20 person tourney and it was $5 to enter. There was about 11 people left when I was hovering around my 1,00o chips when I get dealt KK under the gun. I had already established my table presence and I bet 3x the blind which were 50/100. So everyone folds around to the BB and they call. They have 170 chips more than me. The flop comes Kc 6d2d. They check, I bet 500, they go all in. I am thinking they are high or on a flush draw. WRONG on both accounts. I called it instantly. I turned over my cowboys and they turned over 7 and 10 clubs. everyone at the table was puzzled. Sure enough the turn was an 8 of hearts and the river was a 9 of spades. Just like that I lost my $5.00 and was pretty steamed. I didn't even say a word I just logged off and put some sailors out to sea. I got over it and now I am getting ready for my next tourney here in an hour. I will check back tommorrow with yall. see ya soon

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blue Veiner memorial

Well I was fortunate enough to have my jaw cut open today and sit in the chair for just over 4 hours this afternoon. UGH, I am getting two implants put in, my mouth not there you pervs, and it was quite painful. ON another note the the Big Blue Veiner was tonight and I guess I had the biggest one this time anyways, I hear that vicodin works alot like miracle grow to some lol. I had a very good time and I believe that fun was had by all. I have to update my stats on the right after a rebuy tourney I didn't cash in, lost 9.90 total. And this tourney that i invested 11.00 in and won 65.00 for first place. I have been on to something lately wow. Here are my stats from this tourney:
You finished in 1st place (eliminated at hand #4835023464).
191 hands played and saw flop: - 23 times out of 43 while in small blind (53%) - 26 times out of 42 while in big blind (61%)
- 14 times out of 106 in other positions (13%)
- a total of 63 times out of 191 (32%)
Pots won at showdown - 14 out of 19 (73%)
Pots won without showdown - 34

I hope you all have a good run at the tables soon and often. I am getting more pain pills and will see ya tommorrow. Thanks CC for stopping by.

Missing in Action

I have been rather busy the last few days with all thats been goin on. I had my sons birthday party on Sunday. He turned a milestone two years old. We gave him the spongebob cake, sponge bob candles, spongebob plates, heck even the spongebob pinata. UGH, I am sponged out. Everyone had a great time though and he had a blast so thats all that matters right? I had signed up to do a couple tourneys but with otherthings coming up, I went ahead and unregistered from them early cause I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on them. I got into a freeroll last night with a chance for a $100 cash and a follow on tourney on sunday for a WSOP seat. I didn't get the cash missed it when I came in 8th out of 247. Not bad by anymeans, but did get enough points for the sunday tourney and a chance at that seat. Hopefully all goes well. I have to get to work before my surgery today, will post later.
Position is the key!